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      Surfboard Wax

      Surfboard Wax

      Surfboard Wax for Cold Water, Cool Water, Warm Water and Tropical Water. The Boards360 Surfboard Wax range features great surf wax brands like Mrs Palmers Surf Wax, Sex Wax, Matunas Eco Surf Wax, Far King Surf Wax and Gecko Eco Surf Wax.

      Made from either synthetic or natural wax formulations there is a growing move towards using more environmentally friendly or eco friendly wax. Eco surf wax is either made from more natural ingredients, manufactured in a more eco friendly way, uses more eco friendly packaging or all 3.

      It is essential you have the right wax for the water temperature you are going to surf in with cold water surf wax being softer than the surf wax used for warmer water. Boards360 make it clear in the product description what water temperature the surf wax is suitable for.

      Surfboard wax is applied to the top or deck of the surfboard to aid grip when surfing. The traction or grip that surfboard wax provides is quite critical to the ability to surf, it should be applied every time you surf so make sure you have surfboard wax handy whenever you set off for surfing. Boards360 has great value surf wax in packs of 6 with great bulk savings and free delivery when spend over £30.

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