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      The weekend plans, the dawn patrols, checking out new spots, cruising around old favourites; our threads,our wheels, our tunes, our crew – it’s all about the boards. And always will be.

      At Boards360 first and foremost, we’re boardriders. We love this life, and we want others to experience it.

      That's why we created Boards360.

      A place where, whatever your level, you can get the kit you need, to get the most out of your ride time. We’ll answer questions, offer honest advice and hook you up with a community of like-minded stoke seekers.

      We’re all here to ride. Why don’t you drop in?


      Riders want great kit, but it’s expensive. And the choice is bewildering, right?

      At Boards360 we offer a range of products, priced fairly. We arm you with all the info you need to make the right choice for you, whatever your level. And if anything goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.


      These are our promises to you:
      1. We’ll always give you our honest opinion
      2. We’ll never sell you something you don’t really need
      3. We’ll never recommend something we haven’t ridden ourselves
      4. We’ll always treat you fairly – that goes for pricing, returns and warranties
      5. We’ll always bring the stoke. And never be d***s

      WE BELIEVE...

      It's not what you do, it’s how you go about it that really matters. We’re down to earth, not looking to make a fortune by only stocking the most expensive gear. We genuinely want to make sure everything we sell improves the individual riders experience.

      That doesn’t mean we fall down on customer service. We just don’t do the corporate bull. We’re committed to making sure you get the kit that’s right for you. We’ve tried and tested all the products we sell, so we’ll always give you our honest opinion. And if we think it isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you.


      Growing up in the 1980s founder John’s board riding journey started as so many do with skating. Bombing hills, searching out new street spots and waiting for the next Bones Brigade video to drop. Making back-garden minis and pilgrimages to Latimer Road comps, Romford and Southsea skateparks.

      With the 1990s came new boards. And new terrain. Trying not be a kook at gnarly swells around Devon and Cornwall. Fluffy powder in the Alps and the Pyrenees.

      The travelling bug hit with most of the 2000s spent in Australia hitting up virtually every break on the East Coast.

      Around 2010 the idea for a different kind of boarding company began forming. Boarder owned and run, offering fairly priced products to help people get the most out of their board riding. It gestated. And gestated. Life got in the way for a bit…

      Then in 2020. Boom! A hook up with an old colleague, and fellow surfer, Neil, led to conversations about what the pair would really love to be doing. The chat soon turned to Boards360. And here we are.