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      The Wave is an artificial wave park on the western outskirts of Bristol that has been designed to give surfers the opportunity to surf consistent and guaranteed waves all year round. It's been set up to serve the needs of surfers of all abilities, with different wave settings to suit absolute beginners through to seasoned pro's looking to test their barrel riding skills. Here's our little run down of the waves you'll find at this inland surf park.

      To visit the website for The Wave in Bristol click here.


      THE BEGINNER WAVE - Basically this is very similar to a broken wave in the 1ft range that you'd find at most surf beaches in the UK on an average small swell day. Perfect for absolute beginners, or those that have only had a few goes and aren't quite catching whitewater waves consistently and not confident standing yet. They run this wave on both sides of the lake but as its a whitewater wave it doesn't matter which side you go as they both go straight. You can book a session without a lesson but you can also book a lesson for a little bit more as part of your session. Check out our blog post from team rider Dan on his experience doing the Beginner Surf Lesson.

      THE WAKIKI WAVE - A nice mellow wave in the 1-2ft range that breaks very slowly, is super easy to catch. It's ideal for those consistently catching whitewater waves that are feeling confident getting to their feet regularly and starting to catch green waves, or a mini mal/longboard rider who wants a very easy cruisey wave to have a bit of laid back fun. They run this wave on both sides so you will need to decide if you want a left hander or right hander.

      THE INTERMEDIATE WAVE - This is the lowest height and power setting for the main wave on the pool. It's about 2-3ft and has a fairly easy take off spot which then peels down the reef getting smaller towards the end. You can usually get a few turns in or just cruise up and down the open face. There tends to be less experienced surfers in these sessions so it can get a bit congested in the take off zone, ideally you have enough paddle fitness and strength to catch 2-3ft waves most of the time. This wave type runs on both the left hander and right hander set ups.

      THE ADVANCED WAVE - Slightly bigger than the Intermediate wave at around shoulder height on take off, this one peels down the reef dropping to around 2ft by the end. The take off is slightly more critical than the intermediate so more ideal for those who can paddle into most waves and handle a slightly steeper drop. The wave has a nice section for a cut back after take off and then speeds up through the mid section. If the wind is right and you're able to tuck into a very small ball there is a chance of a brief cover up. This wave type runs on both the left hander and right hander set ups.

      THE ADVANCED PLUS WAVE - The largest wave height setting on the main wave (the expert has some different elements, see below) at close to head height on take off. It has a more critical take off and aimed at competent surfers and the wave has around 15% more power and height than the advanced wave, with slightly more chance of a cover up. This wave type runs on both the left hander and right hander set ups.

      THE EXPERT WAVE - This one features a few different settings including the barrel settings. It starts off with the Advanced Plus setting which gives the biggest wave, and then after a few sets they run through a few barrel settings where the power is pushed into the middle of wave and so is slightly smaller on take off. As long as the wind doesn't mess it up then the first 4-5 waves have a good chance of a cover up. Most waves are around shoulder height and it's a fast sucky wave that throws out a lot over the reef and recommended only for those competent, experienced surfers happy to handle the power and amount of water that is moving around. This wave type runs on both the left hander and right hander set ups.

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